Custom Homes Adelaide

The home of your dreams is thusly named for a reason – it probably doesn’t exist yet – so let’s bring it to life! After an initial consultation to better understand your needs and tailor the project accordingly, we can get to work on a game plan for your custom-built home.

Our consultants and designers are here to guide you through our standard and premium packages, which you can mix and match at no extra cost! We’ll support you from the concept design to the color selections, finishes, and everything in-between. Once we all agree on a project outcome that best suits your budget and lifestyle, you will receive our statement of proposed inclusions in clear English, with dollar values that never change and a guaranteed time to completion. As soon as the project is underway, we’ll keep you in-the-loop every step of the way. While building a custom-home is indeed a process, it’s never complicated with HBC.

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