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A custom home offers you endless possibilities. It’s your chance to go beyond the practical things that a house needs to have and into the finer details that you and your family desire.

That’s why we’ve developed HBC Homes’ six-step process, to break down the journey into clear and manageable steps, and give you the confidence you are looking for.

1 | Discovery

Understanding your dream

You can’t achieve confidence and certainty without clarity. Therefore, our first step is to listen to everything you have to say about your dream home.

We will give you honest answers on what is achievable, so that you can make informed decisions.

Most importantly, we’ll take the time to get this stage just right.

We stick to a maximum of 25 builds per year for this very reason: to build the perfect home for each client.

2 | Design

Turning your dream into a reality

Did you know that 60% of homes designed directly with a designer or architect, rather than through a builder, never make it to construction?

So rest assured that you’re making the right decision by engaging a builder to help you design your dream home.

The preliminary agreement will allow us to provide you with the architectural planning drawings, the civil plans and a preliminary footing report – all copyright owned by you – enabling us to produce the most realistic building quote possible.

3 | Detail

Adding colour and gaining approvals

It’s time to fill in the blanks: together we’ll have fun exploring the colours, shapes and textures that will make the home uniquely yours.

Meanwhile, your project coordinator will be working closely with our carefully selected team of industry experts to obtain council approvals and get everything ready for your project to start.

4 | Contract

Agreeing on a complete, fixed price

With your selections finalised and council approvals received, the next step is to sign a fixed-price building contract and prepare the ‘bank pack’ for your loan approval.

This frees you to enjoy the building process, with no fear of escalating costs.

Establishing an agreed, fixed price is one of the ways we stay true to our values: providing you with confidence and certainty every step of the way.

5 | Construction

Building your dream home

It’s time for our trusted suppliers and trades people to get to work.

Considering the time of the year, design complexity and land condition, we’ll give you clear timeline expectations around the build.

You can always rely on our personalised approach, timely communication and our adherence to processes and procedures, using cutting-edge project management tools to keep you informed and up to date.

6 | Completion

Living the dream

Seeing you walk through the door of your finished home is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Building the dream is finished and living the dream begins.

And while you celebrate what you have built and share a new lifestyle with your loved ones, you can be confident that we are here for you, ready to handle any aftercare issues promptly and efficiently.


Our business philosophy is powered by a commitment to continual improvement. We prioritise our clients with every decision we make. In an industry that often profits from confusion, we choose to simplify and inspire confidence.

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