Underfloor Heating for Your New Home


Having complete control over the design and inclusion of your home is one of the main reasons homeowners in Adelaide decide to build rather than buy.

However, how do you go about choosing what to include as valuable home features and what to leave out as wasteful passing trends?

Energy efficiency is not just a document to obtain the council approvals. An energy-efficient home is a pleasant place to live in, allowing you to be more comfortable, active and at ease in your own space, particularly during the hot and cold months. Considering how cold the South Australian winter can get, let’s look into one valuable inclusion you should consider when designing and building your dream home.

With traces found as early as 5,000 BC, underfloor heating is nothing new to our need for warm living spaces. Imagine a cold Sunday morning, as you start a day of calm and relaxation, which part of your body feels the coldest? Now imagine stepping on warm floors, equally warm in every step. Seven thousand years after, in the Adelaide Metro Area, we recommend and provide our clients with hydronic underfloor heating.

A heating system that uses hydronic water pipes spread around the targeted area for an even heat distribution, with a variety of heat sources to choose from, and a 25-year warranty when supplied and installed by our hydronic heating specialist.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Comfort. Being able to walk around your home during cold winter days, barefoot if you choose to, without a trace of discomfort makes your home a more enjoyable place to live in. And when you step out of that hot shower, the comfort multiplies.

Even heat distribution. No more cold corners where no one wants to go to, even if they have to. No more privileged room spots where whoever comes home first gets to enjoy. Your home is equally pleasing to everyone and everywhere.

Great value for money. After the initial cost, there is almost no money to be spent when it comes to maintaining the system. Also, depending on the heat source, you could save over 15% in your energy bill. And if you sold your home, underfloor heating is a feature that any potential buyer will be happy to pay for.

Hygienic. From allowing you to breathe cleaner and odourless air to avoiding extra allergens that are a by-product of duct heating, especially at this testing time, a more hygienic home is a better home to live in.

Increased sustainability. A lot goes into an eco-home and yet due to its high energy efficiency, underfloor heating coupled with a sustainable heat source will decrease the carbon footprint of your home, allowing you to support the wellbeing of future generations while keeping your family warm.

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